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The design process


We offer a CAD service to start the process of creating your bespoke piece or a new addition to a current collection, we offer support and advice throughout the CAD design stage.

We can share our expertise with you from Monday to Saturday.  Simply send us a photograph, written specification, images from the Internet or sketch of your design and we will translate this into a 3D model once everything has been ironed out and deciphered.  This allows you to view it in 3D and approve the rendered sketch.  Once approved an STL file is generated and your design is 3D printed ready for the lost wax casting process.

The consultation stage, which comes at no charge, we look at stones and style elements, metals, budgets, timeframes and so on. These elements aren’t always clearly defined initially, and sometimes take some time to work through – which is where the fun begins.

The design stage, when the design direction has been agreed and a budget has been decided, a small part payment towards the bespoke order will be taken and the 3D designing will begin. We offer 3D renders, 3D rendered videos or 3D models, whichever suits the need.

Our 3D art is not like others as we are traditionally trained diamond mounters, we design our jewellery as such, so our clients get the handmade proportions and balance with the machine accuracy of computer Aided Design.

Our distinctive style allows us to bring a unique and creative approach to designing pieces. Craftsmanship and originality are at the forefront of our design ethos, with all pieces handcrafted with love to stand the test of time. We believe jewellery should be laced with thought and sentiment, qualities which will continue through generations with the passing on of precious heirlooms.

No matter where you are in the UK we can help with your CAD Jewellery Design. 

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